2017 @Scale registration is open

Registration for the annual @Scale conference is open. This year's event will be on August 31 at the San Jose Convention Center. Check the event page for more information.

Thank you for coming!

Our first Dev Tools @Scale in London has finished. Videos from the event are now available on the event page.



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Thanks to everyone who came to Video @Scale and Networking @Scale.  The videos from both events are now available on their respective events pages.

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The @Scale Conference 
August 31, 2017
San Jose
UPDATE: We’re releasing parts of the agenda ...
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Data @Scale
June 8, 2017
Data @Scale is an invitation-only technical ...
Event Completed
Dev Tools @Scale 
May 24, 2017
Dev Tools @Scale is an invitation-only technical ...
Event Completed
Machine Learning @Scale 
February 2, 2017
New York City
Machine Learning @Scale is an invitation-only ...
Event Completed
Video @Scale
February 22, 2017
Menlo Park
Video @Scale is an invitation-only technical ...
Event Completed
Boston Networking @Scale 
October 27, 2016
Networking @Scale in Boston is an invitation-only ...
Event Completed
Spam Fighting
November 3, 2016
Menlo Park
Engineering better abuse detection: Spam ...
Event Completed
The @Scale Conference 
August 31, 2016
San Jose
Thank you, everyone for coming!  Session videos ...
Event Completed
Mobile @Scale
March 17, 2016
Less than three years ago, engineers from Twitter, ...
Event Completed
Networking @Scale
May 10, 2016
Menlo Park, CA
Geared toward engineers working on large-scale ...
Event Completed

Videos & Articles

Data @Scale 2017

Bulk data movement serving Facebook’s global data storage and processing

Steve Stroiney describes Facebook’s system for the movement of bulk data across its global system for storage and processing, ...
Data @Scale 2017

Architectures for the new era of cloud specialization

Increasing computational needs are forcing us to change how we think about large-scale systems, with new stacks and new interfaces. ...
Data @Scale 2017

Spanner’s SQL evolution

Google is in the process of turning its globally distributed Spanner data management system into an SQL DBMS. At Data @Scale, Sergey ...
Data @Scale 2017

How reporting and experimentation fuel product innovation at LinkedIn

The deeply data-driven LinkedIn uses metrics measurement and experimentation in every product decision. Kapil Surlaker introduces the ...
Data @Scale 2017

Cadence: Microservice architecture beyond request/reply

Maxim Fateev talks about Cadence, the open source solution that Uber uses for building and running microservices that expose ...
Data @Scale 2017

Evolution of storage and serving at Pinterest

Yongsheng Wu talks to the Data @Scale crowd about the evolution of storage and serving at scale at Pinterest as the company has grown, ...
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