Android @Scale 2018Jan 31, New York City
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The 2017 @Scale conference has ended. Session videos are now available on the event page.

Thank you for coming!

Our Mobile @Scale event in Boston has concluded. Videos from the event are now available on the event page.



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Videos & Articles

Boston Mobile @Scale 2017

Travel at rabbit scale

Air travel, mass tourism and modern computing share a common history, from the mainframes of the 1960s to the launch of the Web in the ...
Boston Mobile @Scale 2017

Battery instrumentation at Facebook

As mobile apps grow in size and technical complexity, the effort of managing the level of strain on mobile phone resources becomes an ...
Boston Mobile @Scale 2017

High-performance app development: Common bottlenecks and how TripAdvisor measured its way to a faster app

For modern mobile apps, speed wins. A smooth user interface, resilience to spotty network connections, and quick startup time are ...
Boston Mobile @Scale 2017

Scaling Recommendations

Recommendations is a new product at Facebook that empowers people to ask their friends and groups for things to do, places to eat, ...
Boston Mobile @Scale 2017

Enabling zero power voice activation

How Piezoelectric material enabled zero power voice recognition and scaling these microphones to huge volumes (100s of Millions).
Boston Mobile @Scale 2017

Android development at Facebook

How fast does a new feature go from inception to check-in to a user’s device? How about with dozens of teams committing to a ...
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