This week: @Scale 2016!

The @Scale Conference is an invitation-only event for engineers who build at scale. It will take place this Wednesday at the San Jose Convention Center.

Register now with your event code or message us to request an invite. The conference lineup is here. The shuttle schedule is here.  Join us on the @Scale Community page for updates.


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Data @Scale
June 2, 2016
We recently hosted Data @Scale, our ...
Event Completed
Mobile @Scale
March 17, 2016
Less than three years ago, engineers from Twitter, ...
Event Completed
The @Scale Conference 
August 31, 2016
San Jose
The @Scale Conference is an invitation-only ...
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Networking @Scale
May 10, 2016
Menlo Park, CA
Geared toward engineers working on large-scale ...
Event Completed
Performance @Scale
February 24, 2016
Menlo Park, CA
Making fast apps and services that scale to ...
Event Completed

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The @Scale Conference 2016

@Scale 2016 shuttle schedule

If you need shuttle transportation from/to San Francisco, we’ve provided the pick-up/departure schedule below. Each location will ...
Performance @Scale 2016

Evolution of performance

David Mortenson introduced us to the importance and challenges of performance at scale. As technical projects grow in scope, the ...
Mobile @Scale 2016

3,000 images per second

Twitter creates approximately 3,000 unique images and transfers approximately 200 GB of images per second. After a short break for ...
Networking @Scale 2016

A history of IPv6 challenges in Facebook data centers

Todd Hollmann brought the Facebook IPv6 story into the data center and the different stages of IPv6 deployment. Facebook’s ...
Networking @Scale 2016

Application data caching for a global Netflix

Netflix recently announced its expansion into the global market, and Faisal Siddiqi covered the global caching system, EVCache, that ...
Video @Scale 2016

Using AI to understand video

Manohar Paluri, a research lead on the Facebook AI Research and Applied Machine Learning teams, describes various AI efforts to ...
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