Dev Tools @ScaleMay 24, London
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Dev Tools @Scale
May 24, 2017
Dev Tools @Scale is an invitation-only technical ...
Event Completed
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Spam Fighting
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Mobile @Scale
March 17, 2016
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May 10, 2016
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Event Completed

Videos & Articles

Machine Learning @Scale 2017

Building AI for everyone on the planet

Clarifai CEO Matthew Zeiler takes viewers through a suite of product demos for identifying, classifying, and searching digital images ...
Machine Learning @Scale 2017

Medical specialty triage using machine learning

Michelle Ye uses her perspective as a data scientist to talk through the challenge of scaling engineering ideas through an organization ...
Machine Learning @Scale 2017

Detecting place visits at scale

Jan and Danielle offer a deep dive into a system capable of interpreting location signals coming from mobile devices at scale. The case ...
Machine Learning @Scale 2017

Measurement and analysis of predictive feed ranking models on Instagram

Thomas uses the launch of Instagram’s feed ranking as a working example to talk through issues in quantifying network effects, ...
Machine Learning @Scale 2017

Learning in auctions

Andres describes the challenges of learning in repeated auctions for revenue maximization.
Machine Learning @Scale 2017

Matching publications and patents to LinkedIn members

Xiaoqiang presents a recent project in which papers, patents, and other professional content created by LinkedIn members are pulled ...
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