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Systems @Scale Remote Edition — Summer 2020

Systems @Scale Summer 2020 Q&A

As part of the Systems @Scale event, engineers participated in a series of live Q&As about the engineering work presented in the technical talks. We’ve collected those questions and the engineers’ responses below. Asynchronous ...
Networking @Scale

Networking @Scale Boston 2019 Recap

Networking solutions are important for building applications and services that serve billions of people around the world. At this year’s Networking @Scale conference in Boston, attendees gathered to hear engineers from Akamai, Boston ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

2019 @Scale Conference recap

The @Scale Conference is an invitation-only technical event for engineers who work on large-scale platforms and technologies. This year’s event took place on October 16 at the San Jose Convention Center, where more than 1,300 attendees ...
Video @Scale 2019

Video @Scale 2019 recap

The development of large-scale video systems includes complex, unprecedented engineering challenges. At Video @Scale 2019, engineers gathered in San Francisco for a day of technical talks focused on delivering video at scale. Speakers ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Streaming, flexible log parsing with real-time applications

Logs from cybersecurity appliances are numerous, generated from heterogeneous sources, and frequently victim to poor hygiene and malformed content. Relying on an already understaffed human workforce to constantly write new parsers, ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Automated detection of blockchain network events

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to keep user assets safe in the notoriously dangerous field of cryptocurrency custodianship? Turns out you can model cryptocurrency protocols after existing communications networks, then ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: The call is coming from inside the house: Lessons in securing internal apps

Locking down internal apps presents unique and frustrating challenges for appsec teams. Your organization may have dozens if not hundreds of sensitive internal tools, dashboards, and control panels, running on heterogenous technical ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Enforcing encryption at scale

Facebook runs a global infrastructure that supports thousands of services, with many new ones spinning up daily. Protecting network traffic is taken very seriously, and engineers must have a sustainable way to enforce security policies ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Securing SSH traffic to 190+ data centers

Cloudflare maintains thousands of servers in more than 190 points of presence that need to be accessed from multiple offices. Samuel and Evan discuss their experiences depending on a private network and SSH keys to securely connect to ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Leveraging the type system to write secure applications

Shannon discusses ways to extend the type system to eliminate entire classes of security vulnerabilities at scale. Application security remains a long-term and high-stakes challenge for most projects that interact with external users. ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Fairness and privacy in AI/ML systems

With the ongoing explosive growth of AI/ML models and systems, Krishnaram explores some of the ethical, legal, and technical challenges that researchers and practitioners alike encounter. He discusses the need for adopting a fairness ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

Fireside Chat on Privacy

Vladimir Fedorov sits down with Lea Kissner to dig deeper into the issues of privacy and respect Lea touched on in her keynote.
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Data Transfer Project – Expanding Data Portability at Scale

The Data Transfer Project was launched in 2018 to create an open-source, service-to-service data portability platform so that all individuals across the web could easily move their data between online service providers whenever they ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: DNS privacy at scale: Lessons and challenges

It’s no secret that the use of the domain name system reveals a lot of information about what people do online. The use of traditional unencrypted DNS protocols reveals this information to third parties on the network, introducing ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

Firefox Origin Telemetry with Prio

Measuring browsing behavior by site origin can provide actionable insights into the broader web ecosystem in areas such as blocklist efficacy and web compatibility. However, an individual’s browsing history contains deeply personal ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Fighting fraud anonymously

Logging is essential to running a service or an app. But every app faces a dilemma: The more data is logged, the more we understand the problems of users, but the less privacy they have. One way to add privacy is to report events ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Pushing the state of the art in AI with PyTorch

Joe shares how PyTorch is being used to help accelerate the path from novel research to large-scale production deployment in computer vision, natural language processing, and machine translation at Facebook. He further explores the ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Natural language processing for production-level conversational interfaces

Conversational applications often are overhyped and underperform. There’s been significant progress in natural language understanding in academia and a huge growing market for conversational technologies, but NLU performance ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Cross-product optimization

Artificial intelligence powers every product experience at LinkedIn. Whether ranking the member’s feed or recommending new jobs, AI is used to fulfill LinkedIn’s mission of connecting the world’s professionals to make them more ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Multinode: Natural language understanding at scale

This session includes an in-depth look at the world of multinode training for complex NLU models such as BERT. Sharan describes the challenges of tuning for speed and accuracy at the scale needed to bring training times down from weeks ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Reading text from visual content at scale

Vinaya presents multiple innovations across modeling, training infrastructure, deployment infrastructure, and efficiency measures Facebook has made to build its state-of-the-art OCR system running at Facebook scale. There are billions ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Unique challenges and opportunities for self-supervised learning in autonomous driving

Autonomous vehicles generate a lot of raw (unlabeled) data every minute. But only a small fraction of that data can be labeled manually. Ashesh focuses on how we leverage unlabeled data for tasks on perception and prediction in a ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Disaggregated Graph Database with Rich Read Semantics

Access to the social graph is a mission critical workload for Facebook. Supporting a graph data model is inherently difficult because the underlying system has to be capable of efficiently supporting the combinatoric explosion of ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Kafka @Scale: Confluent’s Journey Bringing Event Streaming to the Cloud

As streaming platforms become central to data strategies, companies both small and large are re-thinking their architecture with real-time context at the forefront. What was once a ‘batch’ mindset is quickly being replaced with stream ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Amazon DynamoDB: Fast and flexible NoSQL database service for any scale

Amazon DynamoDB is a hyperscale, NoSQL database designed for internet-scale applications, such as serverless web apps, mobile backends, and microservices. DynamoDB provides developers with the security, availability, durability, ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Architecture of a Highly Available Sequential Data Platform

LogDevice is a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling a variety of data streaming and logging needs. Specifically this talk with be diving into the architectural details and variants of Paxos used in LogDevice to ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: 6 Technical Challenges Developing a Distributed SQL Database

Developing YugaByte DB was but not without its fair share of technical challenges. There were times when we had to go back to the drawing board and even sift through academic research to find a better solution than what we had at hand. ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019: Zanzibar: Google’s Consistent, Global Authorization System

Determining whether online users are authorized to access digital objects is central to preserving privacy. This talk presents the design, implementation, and deployment of Zanzibar, a global system for storing and evaluating access ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019 Keynote: Engineering For Respect: Building Systems For The World We Live In

When we build systems, we want to build great systems. Great products and systems are respectful, treating both their users and other affected parties with care, concern, and consideration for their needs and feelings. Doing this at ...
The @Scale Conference 2019

@Scale 2019 Keynote: AI — The Next Big Scaling Frontier

In the past several years, Facebook has made significant progress across computer vision, language understanding, speech recognition, and personalization. But this rapid growth brings with it serious scaling challenges. In his keynote, ...
Systems @Scale

Systems @Scale 2019 New York recap

Building and operating systems that serve billions of people can present unprecedented and complex engineering challenges. The second Systems @Scale event of 2019 was held in New York, where engineers gathered for a day of technical ...

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